Has Anyone Seen My Fanny?

About the Author


The authors are life-long friends who began their journey into the world of humorous writing by communicating with each other via e-mail. The tone of the dialogue was always sarcastic in nature with an emphasis on degrading, belittling and denigrating the other’s character, while at the same time, glorifying their own persona with heavy use of exaggeration, half-truths and wishful thinking. Keeping with the above tradition, the authors, without collaboration and in the roles of their alter egos, Glockneeb and Moose, create their witty storylines by writing alternating chapters. Competing for the limelight, they are limited only by their individual imaginations. Their brand of humor can best be described by the acronym: S.T.U.P.I.D. (Sexy, Tasteless, Uncouth, Pointless, Inane, and Dumb).


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